Friday, September 22, 2006

...of dollies and foes

ha ha ...

i always cracked up when i read these blogs ( sic & bed ) cos they are so witty. not witty by tryin' hard ie impersonating one of the character from LOTR (ok his post on the Msian Poll was quite funny, too) or posing in front of the camera like an heiress-wannabe, but witty writing. Read sic's 'The Definitive 100th Post'.

oh and i am less e-m-o now cos i figured that every shits that we go thru each day are life lessons. so, fck those shits and move on with more important things.

Mr. 'Singapore' (Lee Kuan Yew) spoke about how Chinese Malaysians are being marginalised in Msia and Indonesia on today's newspapers. some dude defended that it was 'misleading' and all that jazz. i'd say, prove it with 5-10 pages write up on the newspaper like how they published articles on why they should not be another bridge built in Singapore.

i've purchased a tabloid magazines (local) yesterday becos i figured i deserved some trash reading & trashing stars in their ridiculous outfits after a haaard day work at clients sites. SITES, like, from one place to another. so anyways, there were shots of Suri Cruise on the pages of the magazine (shots done by the famous Annie Lebowitz exclusively for The Vanity Fair) and man, i've to say she is soooo adorable. i got all teary eyes & my lips curled up, pouting. i could almost heear me and my fren go like, awww, she soo cute. but, no, i din do that. so u can stop the winces and cringes.

no more guessing if she is 'real' or abducted by aliens.
little suri who has gorgeous eyes from daddy and beautiful face from mommy.
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