Monday, September 25, 2006

smashin' Monday

it's Monday and i am all perky! yeap, positive, bright and happy! eventho' i was 17 minutes late for work.

no, i didn't win 4-D (ad's car plate no came out 2nd prize and none of us bought it! tulan). i guess it is one of those days where u just woke up from a very good sleep and u feel happy to go to work. no kiddin', huh.

anyways, i am happy to announce the BIRTH of bling design! we have finally put together some designs for our blog, Bling Design. a lot of room for improvement and we are still playing with the layout, colours, etc. please don't get all 'jijik' at our toes (profile picture). it's well-pedicured & i swear if u look close up, there isn't any black stains. haha...okay, nicer picture will be used soon.

What is Bling design?
Bling design is spawned from two creative individuals who appreciates fine living & beautiful things in life. we call it bling because we want to put some 'bling' into people's needs in design, food and event. we do not want to be too different from everyone else & at the same time, injects some playfulness into our work.

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