Saturday, August 23, 2008

Of Triumphs & Tribulations

The Beijing Olympics is coming to an end in matters of hours. I think I will miss watching all the events incl. Equestrian which I do not understand. Just so you know, I've never watched so much sports in the last years as much as the past two weeks ☺

There were highlights, yes, Mr. Phelps won his 8 Golds, and no, Malaysia did not win a gold. The whole of Malaysia was hoping he did (so was I) but I guess Lin Dan was so determined to win, he did not waste time nor effort when he was on the court. He went for the killing. Still, Lee Chong Wei did us proud. Does anyone know why is it that Squash is not in the Olympics? We could get a medal there, no? (I heard that Malaysia still stands a chance for another gold medal in female Taekwando. Malaysia Boleh! Kan?)

Win or lose, they are all super heroes. Seriously. Just take a look at some of these super stunning pictures I ♥ from New York Times that illustrate their triumphs & tribulations of all the athletes and sportsmen. Bravo!


Legolas said...

I think I've watched more sports during the Olympics than all the sports I've watched in my life.

I love every minute of it!!

Ah-Bong said...

OMIGAWD! those photos are AMAAAAZIINGGG!!!