Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Confession of a Mak Cik Cleaner

"Dik. Adik tu sakit lah. Boleh akak buat sekarang?"

The cleaner walked in and asked if she could clean the showroom since her pretty face colleague is on medical leave.

"Ok. Tapi biasanya, pukul empat, kan?"

"Iyer lah. Tapi." She paused for a while, brushed her face with both her hands, looking a little worn out. Poor lady must have worked very hard since she has gotten here from Indonesia.

"Tapi hari nie akak ganti dia. Boleh buat sekarang?"

"Hmm. Ok lah!"

So she started her usual cleaning which I noticed she really didn't clean the showroom as thoroughly as her colleague. While mopping the floor in the office, she started talking about her colleague.

"Adik tu sakit teruk. Entah sakit apa lah. Mah."

"Sakit cinta kot?" I joked.

"Bukan lah saya pun tak pasti. Jarang nampak dia. Tapi sekarang dia tu kurus sangat. Mah!" she sucked in her cheeks, hunched her shoulders and looked at me whilst tapping her chest indicating to me that her colleague has a weak heart.

"Oh. Tak rasa dia kurus sangat pun. Mungkin diet kot?"

"Eh. Diet buat per? Kurus sangat tak best masa main, tau!"

Gasps. Did she just say ... Yes she did. She said if a girl is too skinny, it is not "fun to play". So, I let out a laugh and winced. Still shocked from her remark - a Mak Cik I respected before. I swear she didnt blush a bit!

"Betul I cakap. Perempuan kurus kering sangat main tak best!" I thought she sorta humped a bit just to make her point clear. I was a little uncomfortable, really.

"Suami I tu, orangnya nakal! Aku nie isteri keempatnya!"

"Wahhh.... suami you tu kuat main yer!"

"Memang! Jahat sangat dia tu! Memang kuat main."

Yes, I had visuals and yes, it was not pleasant. I think when she said, 'memang kuat main', I also thought of the ad campaign for Viagra Malaysia. LOL.


Legolas said...

Hmmm. Not sure what to say... I guess the auntie is very happy in the aspect of "main"?

NotHamsap said...

haha, i think the auntie must have had a great night before that hence the worn out look.