Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Beautiful, Dangerous, Sexy

If there is one reason I should visit Sydney again, it is not cos of Darling Harbour (that's reason no. 2 and Oxford St, raison numéro trois), it is cos I am very curious to visit the super chic, super funky, super everything that is, the IVY by the Merivale group (owned by the super talented, visionary Hemmes siblings) on George St.

My discovery of this "it" place was months ago when I got hold of the May/June 08 issue of Vogue Living. Completely blown away by the sheer size of the place (massive) and of cos, the amount of work done on the interiors from exceptionally good taste in furniture selection to lightings, to the cutlery and crockery to of cos, the people who served you - ahem, the word HOT don't even do justice. Quite OMFG-ish if you know what I mean :)

Let these pictures speak for itself ...

I wish I've more pics to share but I can't find any. Let's see if next year I get to physically be there. Or, come up with something similar if not better :) Till then

The Ivy is designed by Hecker Phelan Guthrie Design (Melbourne).


Ah-Bong said...

I love i love i love!

ethn said...

nice hor?

i love i love i love x 10


Legolas said...

Nicey... I want to go Australia, but someone doesn't want to go. He said there got no shopping malls.

ethn said...


i think i KNOW that someone ;)