Saturday, July 5, 2008

God, actually

Goodbye June, May, April, March, Feb and Jan 2008.

And, Hello July.

Yes. 6 months had passed in a blink. In a blink, literally. All that had taken place in the last 6 months had been fruitful and I am happy of what I had achieved so far - blessed even. I may not be closed to God as some might say, but I know that each day if you continued to believe in yourself, God will be by your side.

I know. I'm talking about God, actually.

Fast forward to just a week before, I had this interesting conversation with, no, not God. With a friend about God, Alfie.

Alf: Someone quoted something about God today at the office.

Me: Hmmph?

Alf: Yes, I know. Hmmph, huh? It was astonishing at first how that came about but when he, my senior colleague aka DQ*, started lecturing me on sales and how to succeed like he did, err, like 20 effing years ago, I started seeing stars and somehow his face turned hairy, and I thought I saw him started scratching himself all over. And, still successfully whined on until...

Alf rolled his eyes.

Me: Hahaha... Oh, you are talking about TK. TK the DQ and the DK.

Alf: Yes, Donkey Kong slassh Drama Queen.

We laughed out loud at Old Town cafe whilst sipping our "cham" ice.

Alf continued, "Yes I was saying, until he started quoted God. He said there are individuals who are smart, articulate, hardworking but if God is not on their side, their work is not blessed. On the other hand, there are individuals who not necessary hardworking nor intelligent but if God is on their side, their work is blessed. So, Alf, life is NOT fair.

Me: What the EFF.

Alf: Yes, what the ALF! Just what does this drama queen thinks he is? Playing God now?

Alf started pretending like a chimpanzee and starting scratching himself all over.

Me: Sigh. How can he assumed that you are not blessed, right?

Alf: God, actually!

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