Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Have you ever wonder why is it that we have so many… keys? Key for the car, keys for the shop, keys for the office, keys for the post box, keys for the house, keys for the rooms, keys for the bathroom - don’t laugh, it is true, in some commercial offices or buildings and even keys for the woman’s erm, private part – seriously, it’s still being practiced in some countries.

The amount of keys I carry is quite intimidating and to some extent, quite stressful. Imagine when you got home after a long day at work, after stuck in the traffic for hours listening to some bad radios, and that you skipped lunch because some idiot decided that instructions are for 9 years-old, and when you got home, you have to stand in front of your house and start rummaging thru your bag assuming every person who works carry a bag with them, for the house keys.

If you managed to find it, you have to take the trouble to open one padlock after another and then there are more doors! That is if you are lucky in finding the right sets of keys because more often than not, we have bunches of keys for different purposes. Remember?

No wonder more and more people living in the city are schizoprhenic, losing hair, depressed, or simply cranky for no reason. These little things add up, you know. Thank God for gym; but in the gym, you will have more sets of keys.



the ugly submarine said...

I guess i'm lucky then with my two keys. Hahaha...

johnybravo said...

thats why you have separate bunches of keys for different key holes... ahahha