Saturday, April 12, 2008

Operasi Charity

Watchin' Idol Gives Back two nights ago was a heartbreaking experience.

Seeing the children smiling back at you (to the camera) and knowing that in reality, after the camera stops rolling, they are back to living their lives in poverty, pain and whatever that's around them that they call a 'playground'. It was rather heart wrenching to see the kids living in poverty and that they are just so many of them out there (esp. in Africa alone) particularly after watching Annie Lennox's experience with the kids. I must admit, I teared for a bit because I have a lot of little nieces and nephews and I love them to bits. So I suppose I could relate to that ... or just, paternal instinct (yikes!).

The show was a tremendous success in comparison to last year's effort in terms of entertainment value and the participation of many big stars - imagine having to bring in the diva of the moment, Ms Mimi to perform (I'd to say she looks really good, and normal and that performance was solid!). If 2.5 hours of reality tv could do so much (the last I heard, they are hoping to bring in USD100mil) for 2 million and counting kids and family living in poverty, I think it also educates the young (adults, too) whom I think takes up more than half of the viewers of American Idol on the lessons on humility, charity and to be grateful of what they have.

At the end of the show, it also inspired me to want to do a charity project. I have had this idea with me 2 years before but I haven't exactly done anything about it because the time was not right amongst other things. Maybe, if I put my heart into implementing it, it will materialise. I just need to put everything into details and start proposing it to erm, philanthropists ie Bradgelina, hello? (is that how you spell it? Sure as hell Ange wouldnt agree with that phrase).

On the hindsight, it will be something that I can be damn proud of.

Angie's too busy looking pregnant than hearing my proposal. Hmm... is that her glowing or the camera flash?
PS: It was sad to know that Michael Johns was cut last night. Like I said b4, it's a show based on popularity. Sadness.

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