Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Fiv5

I've been tagged. Unbeknownst to me, as usual. Mr Wanna, if you are reading this, I totally dig the new banner :)

fIVE things in my bag:
wallet, little black book, diary for work, secret (the book), rubbish. lots of rubbish.

fIVE things in my wallet:
receipts, creditc cards, IC, driving licence, more cards for all sorts of purpose which I sometimes think its a nuisance.

fIVE things I like most in my room:
cd box which is a gift from a friend for my 25th bday? magazines, my underwears? I dunno. not much really. my cameras, yes.

fIVE things I'd like to do:
I dunno how to answer this. if it's now, can i say, sex? working out, drinking wine, massage, & sunbathing.

fIVE persons I'd tag:
johnny bravo, joyce (teamo), ah bong and leonHO.



the ugly submarine said...

Hmm...drinking wine, massage and sunbathing, gee i would like to hang out with you more often! Those are like my fav too!! Hahaha. And thanks for liking my banner :P

ethnwg said...

YES, we shud hang out sometime

xoxo ;)