Sunday, April 13, 2008

Goochi Goochi

I was droooling at the baby pug I saw at dinner just 2 hours earlier. She was spotted with a pink (dog) collar ... erm, that was why I assumed it's a 'she' unless it's a 'he' who fancies some happy things in life :)

While browsing the usual blogs I read (, I spotted this ...

So darn cute eh. Further confirmed that I'm going a little nutty in wanting to get a dog esp a pug. I think they look stupid and cute LOL

I'm plannin' for a spin-off website for anotherblankverse & it will be focusing more on lifestyle and everything nice... erm, that's not the tagline lah. Havent come up with a name just yet. 11thKind? What do you think?

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