Monday, April 7, 2008

Scary tv

I finally got the chance to watch the horror movie, Shutter, Thai version which was shown on one of the national TV channels two weekends ago. Some two or two and half years ago when it was released, many people talked about how spooked up they are after watching it on the big screen – as for me, I completely skipped it cos I didn’t think it was funny scaring myself shitless at night especially for someone who has darn good imaginations.

Yes, call me a coward whatever. One must wonder now why suddenly I have the balls to see the show. I figured, you know what, it can't be that scary, right? True enough, it wasn’t. Yeah, there were scenes where you’d go like, close your eyes now, and expect some cheap shocks. But towards the end of the movie when you see the silly gal painted in thick mascara, foundation and erm, blood, crawling down from the emergency staircase chasing after the hunky lead actor, I was laughing out loud at how silly it looked.

Seriously, I thought it was darn hilarious. In a nutshell, it was well filmed but the storyline was a little cliche and the acting was amateurish. I managed to pick up some simple Thai phrases, too, which I promptly forgot. I think if I continue to watch more Thai films, quality ones, I think I could say, “Do I make you horny, baby?” without sounding ridiculous. Err.......Anyone knows where I could get a good collection of Thai movies? Please don’t say in Bangkok.

I think in the future, TV should be free to everyone incl. cable tv. Now that there's, who really watches the cable? Besides, Astro has been anything but entertaining. At youtube, you get anything. You want fashion? Sure, they have fashion. You want real hantu? Google it and I'm sure plenty of paranormal stuff frm all over the world. It's just darn brilliant. Astro ... you have been warned. I mean, stop showing REPEATS!

This is super hilarious!

I love the music used for this clip on what one should do when they've got their brand new Converse. I think I can dig out my rainbow color Converse and wear it again lol

'Holygraphic' Fashion show by Diesel which I love for being innovative all the times.

And if you think youtube is full of crap, think again. There are educational clips erm ie for nursing students and doc to be :P

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