Tuesday, January 24, 2006

channel flippin'

i took a half day leave today cos i've got to attend to something outside of work. i am seeking for new opportunities, let's just put it that way.

at home: slept through the evening after attending to the things i needed to do. it was really a nice nap at our place in kmc with jazz music playing at the playground. man, i totally miss this. i was supposed to b bending my body and all in yoga class and THEN, kick some thin air in combat. i tot, wat the hell! hang all that. i wanna sleep


on astro: watchin' 'fashion tv' on channel v & at the same time, 'pop inc' on mtv. d'squared in milan! my fav. men's couture (is that rite?) & the other channel has got 2 cutie face vjs dissing pop stars. duh.

i'd recently discovered this great modern rock bank from UK,

i really didn't think much of them when they first appeared on music tvs. but i must admit that his voice and their energy have totally changed my mind and i am hooked with ...You're so right for me (errr... ok) & Come get some (darn catchy!)

on 'fashion tv': reuben toledo. a great artist who is a great illustrator who've recently worked with coco channel's karl lagerfeld. i think his work is insanely good!! very edgy, quirky & sexy. oh on that sexy note,
d'squared is totally hot!

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