Monday, February 25, 2008

Living it up

I've started to salivate over Ralph Lauren's home furnishing products when I was (still) working with my previous company. Then, I was more interested with his range of home accessories such as bedlinen, vases, candle holders, tableware and soft furnishing ie throw cushions, throws etc. I never really fancy much the range of furniture because I know Ralph Lauren being an American brand, and that American's furniture is really not my cuppa tea (read: bulky, old-fashion, and a bit too Americanish), I completely ignored that section altogether.

Oddly enough, I have begun to appreciate RL's furniture recently in more ways than I would think I did. Whatever happened to old-fashion and bulky? LOL I suppose I see thru all that and found out when you mix the "American brand of furniture" with modern pieces ala Minotti or some scandinavian or European brand, it is OK (bear in mind, I do not agree with bulky furniture with skirtings or huge sofa/settee fit for a diva ie Kimora Lee. Meaning to say, not all RL's pieces of furniture I'd like).

And, of cos, my current company is carrying the furniture range. Haha... I know. Quite lame excuse because I am selling them but it is true. I was apprehensive when I found out that we would carry RL furniture and lightings. Now, I can say I am pretty proud to say I love it cos of its quality (the leather range is really nice) and I will continue to support modern classical furniture because I know when it comes to home interior, it is all about good taste - that is, money can't buy, people *grin*. Not forgetting, mixing & matching the right piece of furniture together with the interior design.

One thing I have learned after working for so long in this industry is that home owner should not be afraid to try like, mixing signature pieces ie the Eames stool, Barcelona daybed, Ligne Roset's Togo (read: expensive branded or famed piece of furniture/lightings ie Phillipe Stark, Mooi, B&B Italia, Ralph Lauren :) ) with simple, clean cut design that we'd call "modern contemporary" furniture. These items will be the accent pieces in your home and when you have guests, they just don't sit in front of the TV and wow at your 42" plasma TV or hang around your kitchen - which, erm, is another important part of your home.

I may not have graduated from Interior Design school or possess a degree in ID, but I know in interior design functionality is first, forms follow next. Malaysia's home living industry is still a baby compared to Bangkok or Singapore but, I can see it is growing ... albeit slowwwwly.

Love this piece of classic settee in strong red. Goes well with Eames low-back chairs, grey acrylic rug with patterns of green, low glossy finish coffee table set in a stark, modern contemporary New York loft. Arghh... I'm dreaming much.

RL Cliveden Armchair

Genuine leather mixed with distressed leather used as the upholstery for this classic piece of "butterfly" chair in solid beech. Timeless.

Tasteful chest that can be used as side table or just a decor item in the house.

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