Friday, February 1, 2008

It's all about me

Yes, it's all about me day.

I think red is in. NOT because it is CNY, but I just feel that red is in. Im typing on a red table right now, wearing (God forbidden) a red shorts and right across me to the right is a red wall. Imagine how much I love red. And, I drive a red car. So, yes, RED has to be THE colour at the moment. And, I believe that wearing red will bring prosperity. Ask Frida Giannini cos she and her team recently came out with a super hot looking mahjong set in red ... AND, some hot looking bags in F1 red, too. So, enough said.

I think I have a lot of patience today and I think that to think of a happy thought before you sleep at night really helps the next day of work. And, laughing too. Laugh about anything, man. Fart, nostril hair, chest hair, rodents in the shop (err...), stupid people wearing their handphone on their belt, stupid people not wearing enough at the gym, that BIG mouth will do very well in the year of Rodent - for the record, I did not make that up. Our hugely successful, very young Feng Shui master, Mr. Joey Yap said so at his recent Feng Shui convention - FENG SHUI CONVENTION, imagine that! We almost signed up but we totally forgot about it after talking about it over tea. That is just classic us :D

Oh yeah. Big mouth. He meant like, physically big mouth. Hehehe..... I make my neighbour put on F1 Red lipstick and pout like Halle Barry in the Loreal latest tvc. Now, everybody sings with me, "You make me pout like a natural woman! Whoo hoo!" And, btw, she has really thick, sausage lips. Angie will be so envious. I mean, my friend, not Halle.

By now, you probably are thinking, "What crack is this guy smoking, man?" Really, it must have been the err... Carrot juice from some brand at the supermarket.

About patience, I really have a lot today. I waited for my frens for almost an hour before we finally had lunch at 3.30pm but it was worth the wait cos they are just so funny and entertaining. At the gym earlier, the class was quite a drag, really. It was Body Combat (after like 2 weeks missing it much), imagine that. But I finished it cos I wanted to. Then, I picked up some salad and juice at the supermarket and exit to pay at the EXPRESS counter.

EXPRESS COUNTER. Ever been to an Express Counter that is really, really, painfully slow? All the time? I'm not surprised. I was starting to curse the cashier then I thought I should cut her some slack. I actually was patient. Gila kan?

Ok back to more juice. Later.

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savante said...

Many deep thoughts for CNY! :) Gong xi gong xi!