Sunday, February 17, 2008


This quote is extricated from Deviant Art's News on INDIE PHOTOGRAPHY an insightful and thought-provoking comment by Teerk...

Since when is art all about controlling techniques?
What happen to the art of photography?
What have become of the real life touch?
Every real emotion and all spontaneity have been removed from photography and now it’s all about techniques…bleh!
Real art has become indie. To shoot whenever you feel like it, whatever you feel like. Just do it. Instead of making up rules and such. Jeez.
Here’s the most beautiful, spontaneous and not much appreciated indie art:

Teerk may be right. It is not always about the right TECHNIQUES (tho' it IS important to learn the right techniques, afterall, it is photography we're talking about here) but also, the spontaneity of a person's work. The emotion it creates, the sillouhette, the contrast, and of cos, lightings.

Ultimately, right techniques combined with deviant eye for artistic photography wins. Then again, if ur into scenic photog or shooting penguins in antartica, that's really an entirely different story altogether. No?

As for me, I like serendipity shots. Shots that I did not expect. And, that is why I love photography.

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