Monday, October 22, 2007

The Big BANG Theory

About almost a month ago, I was completely oblivious with the technology of Blackberry, what it is and how it is such a must-have items for "busy businessmen/women".

The only time I have seen or heard of it is from the full colour telco-ad on our local dailies promoting their Blackberry service. At that time, I was drawn to the coloured ad than the device. I guess I was not the "target market". But since I am getting a little busier now and needs to check email more often than before, I am currently shopping for a smart phone! Not a Blackberry tho' it does fall into the category of a smart phone.

While browsing for reviews on the internet, I came across many, many smart phones from big names like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, iPhone (of cos) and.... BANG & OLUFSEN.

YEAP. These guys who is the LV of the music players, and speakers (tho' I'm suspecting that their status is slowly dwindling). So, they got Samsung to work on a smart phone with music players etc and voila!

If you asked me, aesthetically, I hate it much. It looks like a very bad design phone and dialling the numbers is such a fuss. Its too time consuming and I don't think anyone wants to be caught carrying such an ugly shape phone. Not me man. The rest of the upcoming models by the big players (read: Nokia & Samsung) are very much modeled after the iPhone. I reckon they also want to ride on the iPhone bandwagon and make megabucks like Steve Jobs.

We shall see.

PS: I really am not trying to be a tech/gadget reviewer. I am merely um, reviewing AS a user's point of view. So some information might be wrong. What the hell *shrugs*

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