Friday, October 12, 2007

Most Stylish ... Nonsense?

I do not know how and based on what criterias did GQ select The 50 Most Stylish Men but from the look of it, photography (again) of cos, I am quite please. I seconded Basquiat (How do you pronounce his name, anyone? I love his work :) ), the young Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Beck, Tom Brady, JOHNNY DEPP! David Bowie! Miles Davies! Robert Redford (so chic), Mike & Keith (of the Rolling Stones) - just 5 years ago, we'd keel over and die to wear ruffles or spot a look so androgynous, but just walk into a Topmen boutique. You'd probably come up looking either like them or Robert Redford or even Warren Beatty.

And I must admit I felt awkward seeing Elvis Presley, Sam Shepherd, William De-Kooning (huh? I know), Woody Allen (HUH?), Michael Jordan? PETE DOHERTY?

Where are the Brad Pitts, and Josh Harnetts and Jack Gyllenhaals? Too predictable?

Maybe its me but I've noticed how everything is going way back. Theories: 1) The fashion conglomerate looks at how furnishing industry revived the retro modern pieces and they thought, Hey, let's do it for fashion, too? 2) I think people are TOO afraid of the future that bringing back old memories is one way to stay sane. No?

Whatever. I'm diggin' it. I love these grainy photos. I want to get hold of a grainy Lomo Reilo Retro 400. I love Lust Cautious; Hairspray. I love skinny pants that are cut slighty shorter. I love James Blunt new album.

Long Live the 60s! And the 70s and maybe, ahem, the 80s!

"Nonsense and beauty have close connections." — E. M. Forster

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savante said...

No worries. I found myself gaping at some of the more obscure choices as well.