Monday, October 1, 2007

Beguiled, Bewildered, Bewitched

It is a joy to drive to work these days esp. when the road leading to work is different from the daily route 4.5 years ago. It could also be cos of the positive change or that I am just happy going to work *shrugs*

Passing these "new roads" I get to observe a lot of things about Kuala Lumpur that I do not usually see - I like observing things/people/animals/stuff. One particular road that enthralls me more than any other is the road turning in from Jln Ampang to Jln Kia Peng passing Troika (still under construction) and KLCC on the left. It constantly has a stream of tourists gawking at the Twin Towers or posing in front of the Twin Towers; be it the Indians, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Japanese, the etc. Every morning without fail, rain or shine! That spot has become THE OFFICIAL SPOT to take photos of the Twin Tower. Perhaps, some tour agent discovered that that is the BEST angle to take photo with the Twin Tower and the rest will just follow. Funny isn't it?

More on Fascinating Kuala Lumpur soon. Do you have one to share ?

ps: Been listening to a lot fo Feist and Ah Mei. Ah Mei makes me think about the past and thinking the past is bad. Really bad. But I like Ah Mei. How?


savante said...

You enjoy the fu-ing traffic jams?! :O WHY!

FamezGAY said...

oh.. yah i can't avoid ah-mei songs too although i do feel very emotional listening to her songs.. dah I'm just a super fan of her and just can't stop her songs although i know it doesn't make me feel better ahah!

ethn said...

luckily for me paul, i start work at the time when everyone is in the office on their 2nd cuppa coffee ;)

yeah famez, ah mei is damn good for her emo songs. sigh......unstoppable sometimes. i think im a melodramatic queen LOL

adrien said...

i do trains.

johnybravo said...

SOoooooooooooooo LUCKY! :p

ethn said...

ok i shall take trains more often these days ;)

haha johnny don complain cos u leave home at 5pm!