Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chilly Cameron - Finale

For the finale, I want to tell a story.

This first picture was shot when we were on our way down frm CH. I do not remember the name of the waterfall but being a nature lover, I had to stop to ad's mild reluctance, tho :D

This cock is a real stud. He knows I was shooting him. Seriously. When I clicked away, he started dodging the camera i.e. pecking his feathers, on the floor and every so often looked straight back at me/camera. He must have been andy warhol in his past life.

"Fly is my superpower. But, please put some coins and make me fly?"

Bala's Chalet awesome dining room. I love that it is so ... quaint. But skip the breakfast ie American, Latin, Indian...skip, skip, skip. It is L.A.M.E

Don't this look like a POKI monster? Imagine an eye slowly opened from those pokey thorns. LOL

Magenta's anthurium! I have got to shoot that, I thought. I love anthuriums cos of it's simplicity and not the phalic thingy in the middle of the flower.

Amarylis! My favorite too. I love flowers and yes, I can do a mean flower arrangements. Just pass me the flowers LOL

Errrmmmmm.......thorny issue.

This dude was checking out the plants and flowers from one of the stalls at the famous morning market corner up in Brinchang.

Not my fav shot but I like the morning dew. Damn, I miss the morning breeze and coffee and scones. Shucks.

I like this cos it's very old school....*shrugs*

Down to the dining area!

Another fav shot.

The grand piano in the beautiful, decadent, yet stylish Cameron Highland Resorts by the YTL.

Reading goss mags.

Beautiful pendant lamps.

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adrien said...

personal favs:

down the dinner hall. dynamically rigid movements. me likes.

clothes pegs. it floats i tell u! it floats! *swoons*