Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chilly Cameron Part II

A little intro of this batch of photos (incl. prev post) - these are my proudest products so far since purchasing the D40x a couple of months back? Yeah. Only about 5% of the total images have been edited and I've used Manual Mode to shoot all the images. I think it must be the weather. I need to travel more to cold countries. Let's begin with Prague or Moscow since Airasia FX is flyin' there soon. Anybody?

Meantime, stay tune for Part III.


adrien said...

gosh i love your work. lets see, this time, personal fav would be:

white urn, Boh tins - simplicity and composition strengthened through subtle reflections. loves the injected colour.

i like where the picture of the group of children was heading. felt that it truly conveyed innocence and united curiosity. but the composition was rather busy for me. loved all the elements involved, but maybe it could be grouped/rearranged or so? nonetheless, still beautiful.

ethnwg said...

thank you adrien!

yeah i thought that it would be interesting to have the kids, the flowers and the perfect bg; alas, it turned out a bit tooo busy. it is a photographer's "faux pas"