Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Durian Runtuh"?

A couple of days ago, I have received a letter that was sent to my now ex-co from Amsterdam. I was damn curious when I saw the envelope and on it, there is a hole that reveals part of the content of the letter; specifically, a EURO dollar sign.

Whilst speaking to my ex-staff, I opened the letter anxiously wondering what it might be until it reveals these...

It is from EUROMILLIONS, Europe's Richest Jackpots. Apparently, I have been selected to participate in the "International Entry Release" - how I got selected? Beats me! - "it is a 12 weeks of syndicate entry in the official EuroMillions lotto. During this period, and estimated 640 million pounds (USD814 mil!!) in prize money will be rewarded."

The letter continued saying that "a nominal fee of USD15.00 secures your entry for the 12 pending draw dates nnoted on the accompanying Prize Manifest. You are guaranteed the following entry benefits: -

1. a complete documentation of your lotto numbers
2. a detailed statement of your winnings
3. full payment of your prize money, with no fees deducted
4. free currency conversion for your convenience
5. mmo European taxes withheld

Some kind of SCAM or what, right? That was my initial reaction then I looked at the winning figures and then the nominal fee and then the letter. I later passed the letter to jovyC. She looked at me curiously, "What website or magazine did you subscribe to recently? Some more from AMSTERDAM?"

I was like, "No I don't subscribe stuff online! I checked out only FOC stuff, yaknw!"

Ok, I'm cheap. Sue me. But, do you think this is a scam? I haven't got the time to do research on this eventho' the reward can last me and my grand children and my great grand children a lifetime. But, I won't have children so I will donate. LOL

But if you do have any information about this scam, please report to me. Thank you.

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Koala Express said...

lolx. definately a scam. google for EUROMILLIONS scam. don't waste ur time n $. b safe than sorry.