Thursday, September 13, 2007

"red"; "hong"; "merah"; "ang"; "rouge"

play: Michel Berger's Tout feu tout flamme


savante said...

Wah. merahnya.

Koala Express said...

bila mau kahwin? lagi merah la tu. ader ang pau merah jugak. keke...

adrien said...

personal favs:
1st - love the breaking of the consistent fabric pieces with the small details of colour and clarity.

6th - love the way the colour surges through the monotonous scheme, through a lil peek. a perfect amount without being over-bearing.

11th - architectural continuity. gotta love that.

nice! :)

ethn said...

hey koala. u just sounded like my ma! ok my usual reply to my ma is dis: 'ma time to go shopping.' ;)

adrien: very constructive. thank u! i really need more feedback so i can improve. muchos gracias! btw, personal fav is pic #6, too