Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Diary of a Desperate Houseflies - Part 2 of 1

Music: Hotel Costes 9
Location: Home
Pakaian: Undie sajer

Dear Diary,

Phew...just got back from KL. I really did not do much in town except shopping and caught up with a friend who is in town but still damn tired man. Oh and got met up with future bosses also lah. Quite fun.

Was sposed to continue with my storiies yesterday but was damn tired lah after gyming - well, I also stayed up to watch ANTM 8 lah. Of cos, I went to the office to finish up the hand over yesterday. It was all good cos she being a senior lady had inadvertently taught me a thing or two also. So it ends well lah.

Tmr is another day full of activities - swimming, shopping, research shoplots, gym, cooking, cleaning house. And Thursday will/may be going down to Singapore for a day trip. Siaw right? If it materialised, it will be our anniversary since the last time my friend and I did the same crazy shit 11 years ago.



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