Friday, September 7, 2007

"Durian Runtuh" Part 2

Of cos, Euromillions is a scam! Sigh. My dream of building a castle for the homeless is dashed. And, thank you Koala Express ;)

The Sunday before this, Ad and I participated in this contest at the One Utama shopping centre, "50 in 60". To put it simply, what required of us is to go into a cubicle, grab as much point (in the form of scrunched up paper) as u can within 60 seconds while a strong gust of wind is blowing up from a hole at one corner of the cubicle. It's kinda like grabbing money just that these are not. Since Ad spent quite a bit shopping for his office attire, we've got to do 3 rounds - once for me, and twice for him. Of cos, I sucked at it thinking that it was pretty easy.

Meantime, Ad managed to collect 50 points and secured himself a chance to pick a number from the board - there were 16 numbers I think - of which when turned over, it will reveal the winning prize. We walked away with the Grand Prize!! The Ogawa Chi Master! Hard to believe cos when all we wanted was just a phone....

We were ecstatic, of cos - 1. It was the last day of the contest 2. You will usu. NOT see me participate in contest as such but that day I felt lucky, I do not know why so I had to bug him to go with it 3. I get foot massages all year long!!! Until...

Until, he said he wanna sell it *pout* Reason? It will become a white elephant at home; besides, it's quite ugly. SO, yes, we are looking for buyer. It is going at RM2,000.00 only cos anywhere else, it is RM2,388.00 cheapest. If you're a genuine buyer, we give a bit more discount. And, it is still nicely wrapped up in a plastic sheet with a box of cos.

Call me!

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Koala Express said...

wah dis is not durian runtuh. the whole dusun runtuh. wakaka... congrats man!