Friday, September 14, 2007

Pretty White Boy

He'd done it again. Looking so pretty on the cover of a magazine - Details, specifically. But, my expectations of the photographs in the magazine were anything but predictable.

I always know there's something about Brad. fyi, I watched "Babel" again and man, *speechless*. Go buy the magazine. It's worth the archive (if your hobby is archiving magazines. I HAVE mine!). And while ur at it (read: drooling), perhaps, you'd like to enlighten me how did he still manage to look so damn good at that age while babysitting a United Color of Babies with Angie?


Meantime, I will have my cuppa tea and scones in highlands called Cameron. Till then, au revoir.


Fable Frog said...

actually i always love his pictorial in magazines. I still remember the one with him in drag~!! forgot which mag though~ he's hawt!

ethnwg said...

yeah if im not mistaken, that was INTERVIEW magazine.