Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cam-whoring "Diet Cokes"

Hehe...Like our poses? I was supposed to make ad do more poses for me but he was a little agitated and it was about to rain.

So. I was at Pavilion KL, the brand spanking new mall in down town. And, what is my verdict of the mall? Absolutely worth the trouble. IF you are staying anywhere but KL, it is so worth the trouble travelling all the way there. I like that the mall has got high ceilings - very important aspect as it creates a very comfortable shopping experience; great retail mix; very good planning of the mall - they pay attention to details tho' some tenants may not agree with me; sufficient lightings both natural and artificial and and the glamorous stage! Once it is fully completed it will be a place that will make us proud; tho I can't say for the safety as soon as you walked out from the mall to Jalan Bukit Bintang. Quite sad, kan?

Now starting Wednesday, we get to see another 'new kid on the block' - The Garden, Midvalley. I have seen the artist impression and I am absolutely thrilled and curious of the actual facade and who's who in the retail store mix aside from Robinson - aamoft, I have got some low downs from some "retailers" that it is going to be very high-end, and the malll is very very huge! Just how many nouveau riche are there in Malaysia?

Don't be surprised.

ps: "Diet coke" is a phrase used by a fren to label semi-evil person. Think low-sugar. Coke is of cos the devil in disguise. Sweet and every not nice.


Koala Express said...

advertising for diet coke ah? but i dun c any wor. oh got. 3 of them posing. kekeke... nice pose. :)

m5lvin said...

Mana tu? That place looks gorgeous...