Friday, October 5, 2007

To F*&% or not to F*&^

Do you ever have a co-worker/s or classmate/s that is flirty with the opposite sex, like, all the time? How do you handle such situations? Do you let him or her be simply because it doesn't affect you? Or, it affects you but in Malaysia, nobody tells anybody anything about anyone's behaviour because we are all nice people. We juust bitch behind their backs. Like, how the govt dept could approve a RM200++ screwdriver sets - the most embarassing news ever. And, nothing has been done.

So, back to flirty. How do you tell a co-worker that you cannot or should not or MUST NOT flirt in the work place? With other co-workers, supplier/s, and even clients?

A. Tell him/her straight to his/her face that he/she is flirting and in this co, we do not encourage such behavior. Period.

B. Tell him/her that it is essential to be friendly but do not cross the line (to being flirty).

C. Tell him/her nothing. Just keep the mouth shut. Because that person is closing a big fat account for the co?

D. Tell him/her they are doing a great job! Because they usually are the most efficient people in this earth, no?

E. Do step C, then step D and follow by step B.

How? And, is Flirty a dirty word, like, in a work place?


zacharoo! said...

I would go for A,'re really interested to cut the nonsense once and for all.


ethn said...


I've tot a lot about it. I will observe. Afterall, this person is single.