Friday, May 30, 2008

Truly, Sweaty, Alluring

Finally. I'm back gyming after one week of non-gyming. My excuse was I needed to recover from the 15km run 2 wks before. Heh. Not only I got sick, I felt flabby like a 'sotong'.

The class I did was Body Pump in the morning - I love morning classes because the crowd is SO different from the evening crowd. More matured gentlemen and women and less 'pasar malam'. C'mon, you do agree with me that at times, the evening classes or crowd in the gym can be quite a pain in the *bleep*, no? Maybe, it's just me.

So anyways, there was a couple of aunties in the class - no, the auntie with a lot of head dress no longer does BP; I think she's been told to take it easy with her knees, so she's permanently doing yoga - some ang moh housewives and of cos, a few good men :)

There was this uncle, white hair and all, probably in his late 50s, looking super fit. Imagine muscular legs and only maybe 10% of visible fat on his body, tan and quite hip, too. Hip cos he had with him his iPod classic, yes, he was bobbing his head listening to his iPod and when he walked in late for the class walking passed me, I could smell the all too familiar Chanel's Allure.

Hmm, left a lot to my very imaginative mind why of all male fragrance he wore Chanel's Allure. And, BEFORE class commences.

How interesting, no? Interesting cos there were plenty of hot looking ahem, middle age ladies in the room exposing the cleavages and then some. Interesting, also, cos who wears perfume BEFORE working out?

Do you?


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johnybravo said...

Maybe they are still Single and available leh... hahaha