Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Vulgar or Couture

If you are Tom Ford, you can get away with almost anything. Even if your latest ad campaign is a little risque, attention-grabbing and quite pornographic.

Yes. I'm talking about the kind where mothers, religious or not, will march down the street holding up placards which say, TOM FORD IS PORN! BAN TOM FORD.

But, you know what. After looking at it in a different perspective, I think his ads are very effective. Seriously, you will start noticing them clothes .. boobies and erm, flacid penises aside. My fav are the last three pictures.

Another kudos for TF. This will go down the fashion history well... well? Very well if it hasn't already.

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Fable Frog said...

well i think it's bold, make people stop and notice. I wanna write about it too but can't find all the pics~ where u find all these fashion photos ah?