Friday, June 6, 2008

Eat, Pray, Love

When my friend text me that petrol price will be increased yesterday, I didn't think much of it much less prepared for the absolute effect it will have on people's lives. Like, instantaneously.

I didn't think of immediately leaving office to queue at the petrol station to just fill up my half empty tank. I didn't think of the vicious cycle it will have to all the other costs directly or indirectly related to crude oil. I didn't think that to drink a cup of my favorite brew from the local (but a tad overrated, I must admit) coffee joint will become a luxury of yesterday. Literally. I didn't think that it will have an adverse effect to my live. Like, at all!

O.k. I may have been a little O.R (over-reacted) but really, I didn't think that much cos there was work. And, so I left the office at a little after 8.00pm thinking that yes, I could get on the road with as little "peak hours" traffic as possible. Prior to leaving the office, I received two missed calls from K. I returned his call.

K: "Hey what's up."

Me: "I'm queuing for petrol."

He let out a laugh I thought it was quite funny, too. Kinda like a hyena in heat laugh.

K: "I called earlier to tell you that."

Me: "But, how much? You know?"

K: "I think by 75 cents to a ringgit."

Me: "Fucking one ringgit per fucking litre? That's crazy!"

He laughed again. Tho' I seriously didnt think it was funny and I do not want to be a bitch.

K: "So. You are really in the petrol station?"


"Yes, and I'm using my mobile while talking to you cos I am planning a suicide here."

What happened after I put down the phone and drove out to Jalan Bukit Bintang was not laughing matter. I had to detour a few routes, changed a few CDs, honked a damn lot, chewed a lot of gums, and finally reached home. A total of 1 hr 45 minutes.


Petrol hike. Yes. The entire Klang Valley was out to go to their nearest even if not their favoritest petrol kiosk to fill up. It was far out - quite like watching "The Day After Tomorrow". Our "beloved" Prime Minister said we can't subsidised for the dear "rakyat" anymore, hence, we (the beloved govt) should kill all of us. Sloooooooooowly. Especially the low income to mid income families or individuals. He also said not to worry because if you are driving a car that is 2000 cc and below, you get a yearly rebate of RM650 per annum.

Right, that is real joy. We should toast but using plain water with ice.

J just text me she was happy with her new job and said she wants to finish off her book, "Eat, Pray and Love" before she knocks off.

Yes, that is exactly what all of us here needs now. I told her.

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Ah-Bong said...

wooot... tell me about it. i wasn't even near the KL town centre and it took me one hour plus to reach home on a route that takes just 7 minutes of walking. blergh

i think those queueing up for petrol spent half of their petrol in the queue.