Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Angels" (and there are everywhere)

Whoa. I felt like I haven't blogged for ages! Fact is, it has been 13.5 days since the last post. And, this whole 13.5 days I felt like I had done so many things and achieved quite a fair bit, too.

There was the product launch and then the Home Fair which is still running. I must admit it has all been very exciting to say the least. And, I enjoyed every bit of it although I've got blisters from walking too much and chapped lips from ... talking too much? Nah. More like lack of kisses from .... LOL

I promise to write more in the next weeks to come. Meantime, time for some photos - I think it's been a long time since the last. xoxo

"My Boos"
I feel like the papz shooting these. Shot during Father's day a couple of weeks ago.

Some hot shots from the Home Fair @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

PS: My definition of "angels" are the people I've come to know of and had helped a great deal for the past 6 months and more. Look around you there are there *smile*


savante said...

So goin to the Home Fair tmrw!

Legolas said...

I want my place to be Chinese, when I do have my place, that is.

ethn said...

hey legolas

i like it to be a bit chinois (is that how you spell it :P), too, cos i'm somewhat tradition.

n my motto is always a fusion of old and new.


Legolas said...

You should totally come to China to buy furniture. They're like 3 times cheaper than those in Malaysia.

And I have personal designer to do my future house decor. Hehe.

ethn said...

no way!

they are so sell out now? shit what's gonna happ to this industry?

hmm ... definitely lookin fwd to visit beijing and shanghai among other places


savante said...

Anyhow, almost stole your red chair only to realize that it wouldn't match my pseudo Chinois look. Damn.