Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What'd you do?

What'd you do if you received a text from some unknown person on your mobile phone?

I've just received an sms from this person, X saying that he/she is X and how am I.

Baffled for a good few minutes there. Of cos, I am never one to like surprises or pranks. I hate pranks if you asked me cos I think it is plain childish. I've a MOF friend who pranked me once, I got so mad, I made him apologised profusely and sorta psychoed him, too.

So anyways, back to X. I replied asking which X are you cos I do know quite a no of X.

X replied saying he/she had met me in a party.

Whoaaaa, ok, X. This is a mistake. Clearly. For once, I hardly party - never a circuit boy, if that's what they call it. Second of all, the last event I was at, it was not even an event nor was it a party. So no way I had met someone at a party.

But, I politely asked which party?

Not only I did not get an answer, he/she went on to ask for my, get this, PICTURE!

W.T.F, rite?

So i replied, I'm sorry. I don recall knowing you n no, i'm not sending you any pic. No offence.

m just kidding only. Give me a call when u r free la. We can meet up for a tea. K? Hope to c u soon.

Err. , again no offence. I don remember anyth so don think der's any future meetings. Cheers

Yes, Cheers?! I told you I'm a polite person. But, what'd you do? Actually make an appointment to see this person? What if he turns out to look like Master Oogway?

No, then, that's kinda cute. Or, some psycho? Hmm, I'm as baffled as Po

PS: Kung Fu Panda is super! I love every bits of it.


savante said...

I'm a flirt. I would flirt with the stranger.

Ah-Bong said...

i'd flirt too. :P

Legolas said...

I probably would ask until I am sure whether he's a stranger or really someone I knew.

ethn said...

actually, i was thinking about it yday. I shoulda sent him a picture of Po.


Nate said...

wats MOF friend ? >.<

and really, i think pranks should be more outrageously senseless than a boring tat-ball-thing-tat-sits-on-the-table-and-you-pull-the-ball-at-one-end-and-let-go-and-the-last-ball-in-the-chain-goes-up (omg. i should've just google to find wats it called -__-''')

ethn said...

HAHAHAHAHA... nate, u made me laugh at 11.38pm ... still at work. Thanks.

And, I agree with you. If this stranger has a bit more charm or had the guts to call me and entice me with sexy voice, I would play along. So would.

MOF well... i've created it and it means, ahem, m*&^$#f&*ker friend :p