Sunday, June 29, 2008


So, what do you think of the movie?

It was not bad. In fact, I like it.

Really? All that cos of some weaving machine that tells a person if he/she should die?

But, the message was beyond that, you know. I think it can be related to religion, in this case, the Fraternity is the religion and if you believe in a religion and its teachings, you are sort of "brainwashed" by it. The villain, or rather the "fraternity leader" in the show is the person who manipulated the weaving machine's codes and instructed his followers to kill the people based on his whims or at times for his own sake ie money.

Hmm, so "chim*" wan.

Yeah, and it is quite ironic, too. And I think because of that, Fox decided to kill herself because she had been manipulated all this while. Besides, I thought James McAvoy was very good playing his role as the geek who turned hero. I also dig the special effects (super cool effects)


Our conversation on the movie, Wanted, was left as that. I was apprehensive at first to watch 'Wanted' after looking at the super awful movie poster (yes, I judge), but then I thought there's James and there's Angie, it can't be that bad, right?

It wasn't. Trust me. Go watch.

*Chim = Profound (in Hokkien)

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