Monday, May 5, 2008

G.L.A.M or D.A.M.N?

Just how much would you pay for these ...

I dunno actually but I think they are very good looking. No? And, just how much would you pay for these, these days?

Food has become an asset all over the world now what with inflation going sky high in all parts of the world affecting mostly lower to middle income families. The reality has set on humanity all over the world, erm, maybe not Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton. Everyday we see on the news or newspaper that people from the poorer countries are lining up for rice, food and even bread crumbs (Afghanistan).

Resources are scarce and I think this is largely due to the climate change. And, if you want to make fun of global warming or going green, I think perhaps you'd like to rethink about it. It hasn't happened to us yet, but when it does, let's see who is still laughing.

Or standing.

PS: Please watch "The 11th Hour". Very good documentary on climate change telling us all that it is time to give back to Mother Nature. I wish I could cycle to work after watching the show. And, yes, no more salivating over Mini Clubman unless it is a I dunno, environmental friendly car?


FamezGAY said...

so from now on, have to really stay away from those overpriced but yet desirable things :P! Save save save for food!!!

Ah-Bong said...

so really nicey! i love the car! but nah, i'll want a porsche. heehe