Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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Off the record, I'm in a jubilant mood today. It's not even mid-week, yet. I know.

Let's leave it to that now and move on to an, um, interesting subject that I have recently fallen madly in love with - Architecture. I can't explain, really. It could be the age or my new job (which is not so new now). I never even liked big cities or cosmopolitan living before. But, now, stranger than orang minyak, I'm very fond of visiting big cities like New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, London, Denmark, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Instanbul etc to see the grand architecture of their buildings. Even China i.e. Beijing and Shanghai specifically.

And, I'm really just referring to modern architecture. While browsing on the internet, I came across these projects in Denmark by the super talented team from 3xn. They made these buildings so cool, I don't mind going back to school again.

The Ørestad College is the latest ‘gymnasium’ (college or upper secondary school) in Copenhagen, built in the Danish capital’s development area; Ørestad.

The Upper East Siders will envy much.

Alsion - University, Concert Hall & Science Park

On the former railway yard, right by the Als Sund in Sønderborg, lies the unusual combination of functions that form Alsion, a centre for research and culture in southern Denmark. Alsion consists of University of Southern Denmark, the private research park, Forskerpark Syd, a concert hall and even a DSB ticket office. The main concept is a series or “comb” of wings separated by atriums.

All projects are by 3xn


savante said...

How avant garde! But if I recall the library in Tronoh is pretty canggih as well.

ethn said...

YES, avant garde is the word. Thank you paul.


Mr Rainbow Man said...

nice design, the British Council in KL has a somewhat distinctive style too! check that out