Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Excuse to Shop

I feel like shopping. Don't ask me what is it that I want to shop. Whatever that fancies me, I suppose? Hmm...

Skinny tie?

Err... I'm not going to the Oscar.

Just check out those clean shaven, muscular legs. Sexy-nya. I'm sure he knows; hence, the super hot pants on downtown NY.

Whatever. I know. The girl on the left looks like she just got off her bed and brought her blanky out for a walk but I'm digging the anti-establishment look. And, I love seeing girls in big flowy dress. Maybe, that is why I'm so obsessed with Angelina Jolie lately. Hmm...and NO, I am not rushing to anywhere wanting to look like them. Duh.

Frizzled hair, grey suit, nerdy glasses, and smoking. very "young woody allen". I'm buying this look but where's the wool shawl? :)

I don't know about you but this gal. Urm, guy looks pretty cool. No?

Cuffed shorts is still in.

What can I say? He gets away with wearing a silk scarf and, still look super masculine. So unfair. I think I need to plan my beach retreat soon.

Hmm, perhaps, this should be my inspiration for this Sun's biking excursion. Haha.. My friend will keel over.

She looks so cute and I want to post this up.

Lastly, uncle looks so good, I think he makes Perez Hilton looks like 2nd grade mongrel. What a bitch.

All pics are taken from The Sartorialist ... who roawks!

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savante said...

Whoa. Fashionista!