Monday, November 17, 2008

Of Primates & the People of Bali

This hairy little fella is enjoying his raw sweet potatoes whilst watching his fellow mates fighting over ... I am not even sure. They were fighting. 

The leader of the pack? He looks eerily calm.

I have been following this little hairy "monster" the moment I was in Monkey Forest, Ubud. He was so quick, it was difficult to get a good shot of him until he stopped to scratch himself. Phew. 


Miss Ayu failed to sell us ANYTHING but managed to coax me into photographing her. She got all excited she had her little sister's attention, too. 

This old lady carries her basket filled with prayer's items. She sells them to all the little shops in Central Ubud. 

Pak Cik selling fresh fish by the beach at Jimbaran. The nearby famous fish market in Jimbaran has all sorts of seafood and many locals buy directly from here. At night, Jimbaran is famous for its grilled seafood. 

These bunch of kids are simply adorable. They spotted me from across the road about to photography them and they spontaneously posed for me. Looking at them reminds me of childhood. Sigh.

Mr Fruity. Very willing to pose for a picture. Balinese are really nice people to some extent. 

Kids selling Tanah Lot's postcards.

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Jason said...

I have not think of visiting Bali previously but I changed my mind.

talot said...

You must visit Tanah Lot Bali. And you will find different athmosphere there.

First visit :

ethn said...

jason u must visit bali! im thinking of going back again next yr :)

and yes, tanah lot is a must visit