Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Even in My Underpants, I feel Different"

This boy was caught running eagerly back to the strong currents with his surf board at Kuta beach after being washed back to shore. Kuta beach is very much the Gold Coast of Asia. Only that it has more charm.

That is how Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the New York Times Bestseller, "Eat, Pray, Love", quoted in the last chapter of her book. Her journey in seeking spiritual guidance led her back to the beautiful island that is Bali - she was sent there before she embarks on her epic journey to cover a story on the practice of Yoga. The book itself is very funny tho' prior to picking up the book from the bookstore, I was presumptuous in thinking that it is just another chic lic - it may still be just another chic lic to a lot of men out there, really.

The decision to go to Bali was not at all made based on the book. If truth be told, I've decided to pick up the book one fine day in mid September while our decision to go Bali was made only in late September or early October - at that time, Liz (as she is affectionately known amongst her friends) was still in Italy, I think. In addition, we really wanted to go for a vacation, anywhere, but Bangkok (it was really a tough decision cos Bangkok is still a city that is much love by us), and the Airasia *promo came at the right time ;)

Now that I am back in town, how much of Bali that I've missed or did I at all miss her like how I've missed my minced pork salad in Chatucak? It was a sad departure. Seriously. I love Bali like how I'd love Thai massage and minced pork salad. I love Bali like how I'd love to eat Ibu Oka's seriously good, seriously famous, Babi Gulung (Gosh, did I just sound like a carnivore or what?). Bali, as Liz has famously sums it up, "Even in My Underpants, I feel Different". I will, I promise, to visit Bali again by which time, I will go around the island instead.

I will post more pictures of Bali soon - I am really, really pleased with many pictures I've shot. Stay tune.

*Airasia is without a doubt the airlines that I will continue to like although there are many wanna-be urban haute bourgeois think it is an airline for the "poor". 


savante said...

Wait. I am still distracted by Zac Efron.

ethn said...

hahahahaah *cough cough*

me too. and am working hard to see if i EVER could achieve that body.