Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A for Abs, B for Beyonce

I've like 3 more days to achieve that beach body *snigger*

That snigger is to signify defeat. Seriously. Just look at Zac Efron and his super hot beach bod. I'm not even close to A for Abs. Dang.

I guess I will stick to my low-cut 3-quarters and suck in my stomach at the beach whilst enjoying the sunset. With or withour margaritas on the other hand.

While running the threadmill at the gym this morning, I quit listening to my iPod and turned on MTV which was running Beyonce's latest video. I knew she had a new single out - the internet was buzzing with the news, but I haven't seen or heard the song, "If I was a Boy."

I was a little moved by the lyrics, and the video which was entirely shot in B&W beautifully definitely created the effect - the emotions of the actors in the video came across pretty strong and the song on its own, is very strong. I am loving it.

Ms B looking absolutely gorgeous on the latest In Style magazine.

Her new video


johnybravo said...

thanx for posting such an inspiring picture. MOTIVATION man!

lets get abs... will train kao kao starting next week man...

ethn said...

hahahahahaha .....

i DID not know you are so vain. as for me, it is in our blood if u knw wat i mean

yes, lets get abs

johnybravo said...

i`m not vain, if my abs show mean's my training is good... hahaha