Friday, October 17, 2008

That Beachy Look

I have signed up for the Mizuno run at Padang Merbok this Sunday almost 2 months ago, I think. The thought of running another 10km didn't really give me sweaty palms nor a nervous breakdown because this will be my ... KLIM, New Balance, Adidas ... fourth run and perhaps, the final run for this year (if that made me sound like a boastful prick, please forgive me. I am not boasting, really. In fact, I think this is like my 1st ever post on marathon for 2008, the year I ran the most in my entire life LOL).

Running up (sic) to the actual run this Sunday, your thought must be that I am prepared and have trained really well for this run, yes? Quite truthfully, I haven't been training if it means several outdoor run a week and working on my leg muscles. What I have been focusing more is AHEM, my upper body muscles because AHEM, going for a beach holiday early next month.

Ok, shoot me for being a vainpot LOL. I thought if I set a goal to achieve that beach body that I have oh so unashamedly shared with my frens (I'm quite sure they've got sick of listening to me talking about getting a beach body), I may just get a beach body. After all, I read somewhere it is the secret - but, I strongly doubt if I ever get my 6-pack abs since I haven't exactly stopped myself from my char kway teows, roti canai and oh so delish fried chicken. How ironic, eh?

Back to achieving that beach body ....

This? I am not so sure :p
This maybe achieavable. 

And no, I am not planning to dress like a Gisele Bundchen drag on the beach. I thought these pics are awesome and hope to capture some, too. 

As for achieving that beach body, I might just end up looking slighly bulky LOL (I cant wait for my beach hols, tho)


savante said...

Show off that beach bod! Take a pic!

Ah-Bong said...

yeah... picture!! :p