Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Arse for a Face

"C3A?" asked a tall lanky guy as soon as Jon walked into the badminton court.

Jon was stumped but explained that they are not the resident. A rather stouty, piggy looking friend of Mr. Lanky intervened.

"If you are not the resident, you are not allowed to play and we have booked two courts, " demanded Mr. Piggy to Jon and Karen. Flabbergasted but undaunted, Karen explained to Mr. Piggy that my friend is a resident and he had already booked the court from 4pm to 6pm. Of cos, without the booking slip, their argument was unsubstantiated. Frustrated but undefeated, my friends walked out of the court and waited for me - I was a tad late you see. As I arrived, I saw their "long faces" and I thought to myself, "Was I late?"

But, Jon asked, "Where is the booking slip?" Absent-minded me hadn't brought the slip with me but left it in my car. I dashed to my car and back and when I got back, they shared the story with me what happened earlier. Phew... and I thought cos I was late.

So, when I was back with the slip, I'd walked straight to the hall and shoved  shown it to an uncle looking 50ish but older.

With a slight cockiness, he said, "Sure can play. Got book can play." All the while, my friends were still mad at Piggy face for being such an arse and lied about booking two courts just so their group of 8 people (or more?) could use the court that we had booked. We started warming up but really reeling mad with Piggy the bully.

Why do people have to be such an arse? I mean, do they not seriously look at the mirror first before they talk? To make things worse, aside from his face, he lied about booking two courts and hoping that with his aggression he could fool my friends. Mr. Piggy was clearly using his arse talking that day (or most days). What a *MOF SOB.

*MOF SOB = motherfking son of a bitch PIG


{SK} said...

and you should actually ask that pig to show his booking slip.. you just had the strong point to humiliate him for being so MOFSOB in front of everyone..

ethnwg said...

oh we were quite BOTHERED thru out the games but then we thought, nah, we are not gonna stoop so low.

and, i believe in karma.