Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bravo TV!

It's FALL in the United States and the start of fall brought plenty of gloom to Wallstreet and the outlook of the economy is not pretty, which I sort of expected few months ago but not to this effect, really. In fact, it will only get worse in the months to come. So be prepared to tighten your belt and I think we all MUST eat, pray and love more. Hehehe...

Anyways, on a slighly brighter note, most TV stations in Hollywood had kicked off almost all the new season for most TV series ie Desperate Housewives, Dexter (yay!) Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Prison Break, Amazing Race, etc. Project Runway season 5 is already in it's 12 episode and is almost coming to an end - my top 3 favorite has got to be (in no particular order), whiny, arrogant, insolent Kenley, the lovely Karto Momolu (I love her name which is simply great for a fashion label, no?) and of cos, the geeky, nervy, Leane. Who do I want to see win the title of top designer? Perhaps, Leane but I feel more for Kenley's retro quirky chic designs.

Aside from Project Runway from Bravo TV, I am currently hooked on 'Top Design', the reality show in finding Top Interior Designer ala Project Runway. The reason is simply too obvious to mention *grin* tho I wasnt really thrilled before until of cos, Ad finally introduced it to me on youtube no less. And, there aint no turning back since.

Last week's challenge was a triathlon challenge and it was also an individual challenge to all contestants - finally, a calling to most designers cos for the past weeks, it has all been group challenges and many of them are frustrated because it could not show their talent entirely.

Challenge #1 - The Chair Challenge. Fav challenge of the 3 cos I love seeing transformation of things (I get a kick out of it, that's why design shows never failed to get me all worked up). The winner, Nathan, deserved it and the person come really close to him has got to be Eddie, the primadonna who's work can be quite Martha Stewart. I think he pairs really well with Wisit (he's j'adorable lol). The 2nd challenge is really more on styling a dining table -  I used to do that quite often back in my old co and am missing it much. And, the last challenge is to transform a space, white boring space, to something stylish but using only garden accessories.

So coool. I could go on but if you are like Serina C who loves Interior Design (see OK magazine, Msia ver) don't miss this one. Here are some trivias of the show: -

  • Todd Oldham has been bumped from host to the Tim Gunn role as mentor, where he definitely belongs. In his place as host is India Hicks, who Bravo says "is the daughter of famed interior decorator David Hicks and Lady Pamela Hicks" and "has enjoyed a successful career as a fashion model." She has also published two interior design books: Island Life: Inspirational Interiors and Island Beauty.

  •  Judge Kelly Wearstler, the irritatingly chic designer (I called her irritating cos of her voice!), is a mother of two has her own firm in Los Angeles, KWID, (AKA House of KWID) and the author of two design books, Domicilium Decoratus and Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style. A self-confessed Christian Louboutain shoe-fanatic (with 30+ pair), Kelly has two other, yet to be titled books set for release in 2008, one of which will showcase her grande home in Beverley Hills. F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! (ok, well that's just my musing ... but, goodness, look at her) source

    I thought she tried tooo hard in the show to be fashionable (sometimes), no?

  • Jonathan Adler! Most famous for his potteries work (I love the iconic horse stand for a table lamp). Get his style tips all from his blog here


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