Monday, October 13, 2008

V-vava voom

I don’t quite understand (what is the fuss) with the Jonas brothers. Same like, how I don’t understand how a Palin lady can all of a sudden become more famous than when Britney had her meltdown. I guess the phrase, no news is bad news is quite true.

Speaking of Britney, she has released her seventh, SEVENTH, fragrance brand under her name (obviously) and it is known as “Hidden Fantasy”. I don’t know if I wanna smell like Britney (if I do, I know I ought to be very sick) or am interested with her hidden fantasy. Still, if there is any indication of recession, it definitely is not affecting her bank account. Have you seen her slutty video, Womaniser? That bitch is back alright - and is looking smoking hot.

You know when you were young, ok, when I was young, I used to watch a lot of cartoons and a whole lot of sci-fi TV series. The Knight Riders – I swear I thought David Hasselhorf was so cool and dashing next to that stupid car, Bionic Woman, Ultraman, Baja Hitam (don’t ask me what it is in Japanese) and of cos, V. Yes, V, the sci-fi tv series about aliens in the form of lizards disguised in human (fyi: V means "The Visitors"). I admit I was very addicted to that show and I remembered one time, I even dream about being attacked by those slippery creatures from the show.
The plot went something like this: 

I was running frantically in a forest, it was a very dark forest with a lot of spooky looking trees. Panting and screaming for help but unable to – for some awkward reason, I do not know why I couldn’t scream – I continued running from something until I fell. The next scene was this gorgeous looking lady in the God-awful 80’s hairdo with her piercing eyes staring right at me. I was terrified and I started to throw whatever I could grab on the ground at her. She hissed and suddenly her lizard tongue came out from her Angelina Jolie’s lips! Her eyes in a split second turned into yellowish green just like a lizard! It was all too disgusting especially when she started to rip Angelina Jolie’s body apart and came out as a lizard!

Of cos, that was not what I said. I couldn’t remember. I know I was like 10 or 11 then but it was still very vivid until these days. I guess I was really interested in seeing transformation LOL and I never failed to watch an episode just like Transformer or Smurf  :p So when I read that they are reviving the show, "V", on TV, I couldn’t help but hope they'd take Heidi Montag from MTV’s ‘Hills’ as one of the lizard women and the main actor, hmm, Robert Buckley aka Kirby Atwood from ‘Lipstick Jungle’. That’d be so cute, don’t you think? Afterall , they need super hot young starts to push the viewership, no?

Left: The original cast of the show, 'V'. Hotness for the costumes and the hair. LOL. Right: Mr. Sexy of 2008?


savante said...

I certainly wouldn't mind munching on Kirby Atwood. :P

Legolas said...

I think I prefer bitchy stuffs like Gossip Girl.