Wednesday, November 12, 2008

*Over* Ready for Take Off

I am finally ready, really, ready to take off. No, not taking off my clothes and showing the ZafronAbs - I've decided to nick name it in hoping that I will one day achieve the ZafronAbs. LOL Si, I have digressed.

After months of weighing all aspects of  *clear throats* stuff, I am finally prepared to launch my website, 11th Shot. Some of you might have already been given the opportunity to preview it and much changes has been done ... there will be, definitely, a whole lot more changes to come.

Navigation on my gallery can be quite "funky". Here are a few tips: -
  1. To go to previous image starting from current, move mouse over the image and an arrow would appear. Start browsing thereonwards.

  2. To leave any comments (please feel free), click on 'DETAILS' on the top menu bar. No word limit as far as I am concerned.

  3. To change BACKGROUND COLOUR to black, click on the tiny little 'button' on top right (1st button from left) and voila!

  4. To see archive, simply click on archive.

  5. To write me a "love letter", email me at eleventhshot at gmail dot com (no spam pls, frenemies).
Thank you!

Preview of some of my Bali pictures - the first cos I am not uploading to my Facebook (just yet). Priority from now on will be my website.


Shot this whilst relaxing at Taman Ganesha. For the unbeknownst, Taman Ganesha is like this little garden, beautiful one I must add, along Seminyak beach that according to the beach manicurist in her sandy coarse voice, "Gay Beach". If you asked me, the most gay thing about this little garden is the Casablanca Lilies.


This was shot at Tanah Lot. The famous Tanah Lot temple esp. at sunset. Extremely touristy and many newly weds would take their wedding photos here. For what it's worth, it is really quite beautiful. Worth the ride esp if you're staying in Kuta.


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