Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Apartment (Part II)

All pictures were shot at The Apartment. The place ID is like good taste gone bad. I think they are endorsing Ikea furniture as well. Nonetheless, it will do well because Malaysians like anything that is different. The service was pretty good cos we've got to sit at the cafe for nearly 8 hours without them kicking us out.

Miscellaneous - Other pictures shot around The Curve. And, yes, I managed to shoot some pics of Justin (from Hong Kong) rehearsing for a show done by TVBS & Astro - it is a talent show with all sorts of weird people craving for that 15 mins fame.

That's Kinky Blue Fairy - or, rather a red fairy ;)

1 comment:

savante said...

Agreed with the design. Could have been better.

Though I do like the entire concept.