Monday, August 27, 2007

Pucker, Flutter, Gather

Besides dried apricots which I'm digging much lately (foul flatulence notwithstanding; don't ask cos I am just as curious as you are), I am also a little crazy over Sienna Miller. It was befitting that she was featured on the cover of September's Vogue after watching Factory Girl only a few days back.

And, boy, was I blown away with the photo shoot, or what? A cross between a young Sharon Stone and Madonna, I am quite certain she was really fun to be photographed (the pictures were shot mainly in Rome). Looking at the photographs revealed that she is quite a pro i.e. the gorgeous smile, her ease in all the outfit and the genuine smile. Having signed up as the face for Pepe Jeans, she must've learned quite a bit of modelling and posing from their campaign. Or, she is just a naturally good? Anyways, I'm definitely rushing to get a copy of the current issue for reference.

If fashion is what you dig, here's a tip: buy some feathers and decorate them on your bag, shoes, cap, hat, jeans cos FEATHER is the hot item this Fall. Warning: Use it sparringly. For the guys, DON'T EVEN TRY. Unless you are Boy George.

The rumors are flying on the cyberspace that Madonna and JT are working together in her new album which is leaning more to R&B funk this time. AND, they are opening for VMA 2007 next month. If that is true, I am definitely one of the millions anticipating another historical "VMA Moments".

A friend was quoted as saying, "She can't be dancing on a pole until she is 70 right?" That response was after I said, "Finally. She must've noticed the bankability in R&B music lately, huh?" He's right about that cos she can't be dancing and gyrating at the age of 65. Anywho, I have the opportunity to listen to one of the tracks for the yet-to-be-named album, "Beat goes on" feat. Pharell. I love much. (Email me for more info *wink*)

All pictures of Sienna Miller are taken from Vogue.

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