Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My funny friend and me

This is the actual chat I had with Blur-blur Yoggi Bear (no that IS actually his real nickname LOL) on the chat line a couple of hours earlier. I was telling him about my last remaining days in my current company until he said...

Go somewhere.

Me: That sounds like an idea! Hmm.....

BBYB: Organise a trip where everybody can go lor.

Me: Haha...very clever. How about white water rafting? (Ok, there isn't any white water rafting in Malaysia here per se; more like, yellow water rafting). Are you in or out?

BBYB: Can the raft take my weight?


BBYB: Or, wanna go Langkawi have drinks by the beach?

Me: Oh dat's nice. Too far tho' ... Bsides I was there last month! How about Penang?

BBYB: That be cool. I remember the pat days. (Pat was a fren of ours back in college days. All 6 of us bunked at his parents place in Butterworth; Miss my younger days, man)

Me: Yeah man! And how you rolled down the slope!

BBYB: I won't race with you again! Sigh...time flies.

Me: LOL! You bruised your knees and went for a banana boat ride after that and whined about the pain the entire ride! LOL....that was so funny! And, May got stung by jellyfish. fun. And, and, another trip you snored thru out the night and woke the entire Ferringhi residence! LOL.

BBYB: Yup. How we going to get there?

Me: Let's see. Der's train, car, bus, airplane, bicycle, trishaw, kereta lembu, roller blades...Choose one.

BBYB: Car would be a good idea.

Me: Ok, please plan and email me the itinerary.


Five minutes. Ten.

BBYB: So. You know you have all info of Lone Pine. You better person to plan.

What the ....

The chat ended after we spoke briefly about Richard Branson and how we admire Tony Fernandez in making Air Asia the proudest product of Malaysia (if there is one PROUD moment that is worth mentioning this year, it has got to be Air Asia; the multiple murders, crimes and corruption news notwithstanding.)

Ok. Where do I start .... I need a plan for the trip.

PS: I've posted a poll on the blog's current layout (see right). Please, pretty please, participate and vote just so I could determine what to do in the upcoming new look. Merci beaucoup.


m5lvin said...

Now now I miss Malaysia....

Pearly said...

Actually planning my penang trip too ! any nice place there ?

savante said...

Whoa! What fun! Staying at Lone Pine?

ethn said...

melvin: i miss australia *pout*

pearly: wat is nice? THE FOOD!!!!!! And yes, Lone Pine. I love the place tho some say it's haunted. More exciting

Paul: I haven't decided where to go but a road trip would be fun ;)

Pearly said...

Wah... Lone Pine is a beautiful place ! I like their "old england" feel, charming place. Remember to post up your penang route ya ! (i can curi from you) hehe...