Saturday, August 4, 2007

Carpe Diem!

I've finally done it.

Made that "life-altering" decision. And. And....

Suddenly, I feel quite religious.....Hmmmm. Anyways, I will leave it to my strong will and determination to that "life-altering" move I'd made. They say Taurus is tenacious, hardworking and stubborn.

Quite right.

On an unrelated note, I watched the debut eposide of "Project Runway: Malaysia" and this is how I'd judge it: -

"Designers" Originality: 7/10
- Mak Cik did a damn good job in ....explaining her inspiration. LOL. Poor lady didn't understand Bernice's question, I think. Hope to see more originality next week.

Host: 9.5/10
- Bernice misses 0.5 simply cos she is not Heidi Klum; but she's a great host.

Judges: 7.5/10
- I think I cringed when Datuk Bernard Chandran speaks Malay. It is not at all bad but he speaks like that Indian classmate who used to sit next to me in high school. Very "street". The others are .... well, like that lor.

Setting (incl. runway): 10/10
- Good job. I guess they've got to live up the standards.

Models: 7/10
- Bad, bad walk! Diva Jaslene from ANTM cycle 8 can do a better job.

Direction: 6/10
- Extremely bad camera angles. Dizzying even especially when they juggled from the contestants' faces and the model on the runway.

So, did it score? A good effort, I must say. I like that they have a bitchy person in the show aka Alwyn. They probably paid him to say all the nasty things. And, do I have a favorite at the moment? Not really but I definitely will follow the show till finale.

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m5lvin said...

Ahhh...can't watch it....