Friday, August 17, 2007


No. That is not another Gwen Stefani's song (I loathe her 2nd album much just so you know; well except 4am). We, Chatty_jane & I got hooked using Yahoo Messenger IMvironment's known as Doodle.

And, let me present to you our Masterpiece (this is what one do at the office when he/she is really bored)....

A Midsummer Loathe Story


adrien said...

ok i'm so into Yahoo messenger now. just look at em crayons! i want!!!

btw that picture u guys drew somewhat makes me think of a sloth. a err..pretty sloth? :p

ethnwg said...


i knew u'd like it. din knw that u havent discovered it, tho'

show us ur 'work' & post it up