Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bon Ton, Potraits & more ...

I've been busy and gotten sick a couple of days back. I aint gonna blame it on the weather cos I love it when it is cloudy, breezy or chilly. O-K, I admit I hate the heavy down pour (many countries got it worse, so DON'T complain and start recycling) cos the traffic congestion during peak hours can be quite crazy.

I've posted the remaining pictures I have shot from my Langkawi trip; dinner by the beach side (no, we did not go for any 5-star dining but just some mamak style Thai muslim cooking which was a bit too salty), Bon Ton (like the service a lot) and potraits of frens :)


ps: been stressed out over some decisions that I couldn't make. i hate making life changing decisions ... I know I shouldnt gripe but what the hell...i'm sick ;)

pss: thank you all for the kind feedback on my photographs :)

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